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Christmas Greetings from ACCA

Dear Raffles Online Students,


Good news! We have just received the following message from ACCA:

好消息! 这是我们刚刚从ACCA收到的信息:

“To support the new ACCA FIA students, we will provide you a code exclusive for Raffles Online students. The code allows a saving to the ACCA registration and subscription fees as follows:”

“为了支持学习ACCA FIA 的新学生, 我们将为Raffle Online 的学生提供一个专属代码. 在注册ACCA会员和缴付年费时,使用代码会有以下的节省:”

Thank you ACCA for your support!



School will guide you through for ACCA membership registration before your start your ACCA exams.


Grab the opportunity to build your career as a finance professional!

Enrol now for ACCA FIA courses! (a minimum deposit of $100 is required upon enrolment)


现在就报名ACCA FIA 课程! (报名时需付最低定金$100)

For more information about ACCA:

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