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Marking History: Raffles Online Hosts Landmark LCCI Online Exam

On 15 April 2024, we witnessed a historic moment as the LCCI April 2024 exam was conducted online for the first time in over 100 years of LCCI qualification history. Together with our Raffles Online students, we witnessed this epoch-making event.

2024年4月15日,我们迎来了历史性的时刻,LCCI April 2024考试首次线上举行,这在LCCI资格认证的100多年历史中尚属首次。我们Raffles Online的学生共同见证了这一划时代的事件。


The 15-inch large screen and 5G internet speed provided greater convenience for our students, enabling them to smoothly complete the exam. Special thanks go to Mr. Tom Saltmarsh and Mr. Max Lee from LCCI UK for their pivotal support during this exam.

15英寸的超大屏幕和5G互联网速度为学生们提供了更大的便利,使他们能够顺利完成考试。特别感谢LCCI UK的Tom Saltmarsh先生和Max Lee先生在此次考试中的关键支持。


We also extend our heartfelt appreciation to the teachers and IT team at Raffles Online for their collective efforts. We wish all our students success in every LCCI exam. To all the hardworking Raffles Online students, your dedication deserves the highest recognition.

我们也向Raffles Online的老师和IT团队致以衷心的感谢,感谢他们的共同努力。祝愿我们所有的学生在每一次LCCI考试中都能取得好成绩.

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