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What do I need to prepare for online lessons 我需要准备什么才可以上网络直播课程?

1. Computer (电脑), tablet (平板电脑 ) or smart phone (智能手机) With Internet Access 网络服务

How are the online courses conducted 怎样上网络直播课程?

For all students who are new to online lessons, you will need to go for a free trial lesson first. In this trial lesson, you will learn how to attend the online classes, how to interact with your teachers and classmates during the classes and how to watch the videos after lessons. 所有刚刚参加网络直播课程的学生,需要先参加一个免费试听课。在此时听课中,你将学习怎样上课,如何在课堂上与老师和同学互动以及怎样观看课程视频。

After studying the LCCI courses online, will I be expected to go for LCCI exams online too? 如果我是学习LCCI 在线课程,是不是我也是参加LCCI 的在线考试?

No. All students, regardless of whether you are having face-to-face classes or online classes, will sit for the same LCCI exam which is organised by LCCI Singapore at the same venue. There are no online LCCI exams available. 不是。所有新加坡的学生,不管你是参加面对面的课程还是网络授课,都需要报名由LCCI 新加坡统一安排的考试。LCCI 目前没有网络考试。

Do we have course materials for online classes 网上直播课程有书本吗?

Yes, you can download the course materials at Please login using your email address and password. You can only download the course materials of the courses you signed up for with Raffles Online. 是的,你可以去到 去下载书本。输入你的电邮地址和密码。你只可以下载你所报名的课程的书本。

How do I register for LCCI Exam 我怎样去报名LCCI 考试?

All students will be informed when the LCCI exam registeration window is open. You can register online with Raffles Online Education. We will submit your application to LCCI Singapore on your behalf and email you the entry proof once we receive it from LCCI. 当LCCI开始接受报名考试的时候, 所有的学生都会收到通知。你们可以在莱佛士在线教育的网页报名。 我们会统一呈报给LCCI。 当我们收到LCCI 的准考证时,会电邮给你们。

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