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MA2: Managing Cost and Finance

MA2: Managing Cost and Finance

Course syllabus:


A Management information

1. Management information requirements

2 Cost accounting systems

3 Cost classification

4. Information for comparison

5. Reporting management information


B Cost recording

1. Accounting for materials

2. Accounting for labour

3 Accounting for other expenses


C Costing techniques

1. Absorption costing

2. Marginal costing

3 Job and batch costing

4 Process costing

5 Service costing


D Decision making

1. Cost-volume-profit analysis

2. Factors affecting short term decision making

3. Principles of discounted cash flow


E Cash management

1. Nature of cash and cash flow

2. Cash management

3. Cash budgets

4. Investing and financing

  • Entry Requirement

    Basic Accounting or other equivalent qualifications

  • Course Duration

    4 months


  • Language Media


  • Classes Schedule

    MA2: Managing Cost and Finance : Commencing on Thu, 11 Jan 24 @8:30-10pm, Once per week, total 4 months

  • Special Promotion

    1) Guaranteed Pass*, Free retake within 2 years from date of registration. 

    *T & C apply.

    2) Free classes video recording

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