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MA1: 管理信息 Management Information

MA1: 管理信息 Management Information

课程大纲 (Course Contents):


A The nature and purpose of cost and management accounting

1. Nature of business organisation and the accounting systems

2. Nature and purpose of management information


B Source documents and coding

1. Sources of information

2. Coding system


C Cost classification and measurement

1. Cost classification and behaviour

2. Cost units, cost centres, profit centres and investment centres


D Recording costs

1. Accounting for materials

2. Accounting for labour

3. Accounting for other expenses

4. Accounting for product costs


E Spreadsheets

1. Spreadsheets overview

2. Creating and using spreadsheets

3. Presenting and printing spreadsheet data/information

  • 要求 (Entry Requirement):


    No formal academic or accounting knowledge

  • 课程长度 (Course Duration):

    2个月 (2 months)

    每星期1次课 / once per week

  • 语言 (Language Media):


  • 课程表 Classes Schedule:

    MA1: 管理信息 Management Information : Commencing on Wed, 16 Aug 23 @8:30pm-10pm, 每星期1次课, 总数2个月

  • 特别促销 Special Promotion

    1) 保证及格*,6个月内免费重修. 


    Guaranteed Pass*, Free retake within 6 months from date of registration. 

    *T & C apply.

    2) 免费赠送课程视频

    Free classes video recording

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