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ACCA 会计大专双文凭(for初学者)ACCA Double Diploma for Beginners

ACCA 会计大专双文凭(for初学者)ACCA Double Diploma for Beginners


会计基础(Elementary Accounting)


ACCA 财务和管理会计大专(RQF三级)ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Account (RQF Level 3)

通过两门考试(2 exams:

FA2: 财务记录和记账(Maintaining Financial Records

MA2: 管理成本和财务Managing costs and finance


ACCA会计和商业大专 (RQF四级)ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF level 4)

通过三门考试(3 exams):

FBT: 商务与技术基础Foundations in Business and Technology

FMA: 管理会计Management Accounting

FFA:  财务会计Financial Accounting

  • Entry Requirements:

    above 16 years old

  • Course Duration:

    15 months

  • Language Media:


  • Special Promotion

    1) 保证及格*,2年之内免费重修. 


    Guaranteed Pass*, Free retake within 2 years from date of registration. 

    *T & C apply.

    2) 免费赠送课程视频

    Free classes video recording

  • 0% Interest Instalment Plan

    学费可以按连续9个月的免利息分期付款, 每个月$425,

    在结账时请选择离线支付’ (Offline Payment).

    需要更多说明, 请联络我们。

    Total fees to be paid over 9 consecutive months @$425per month,

    Please select 'Offline Payment' method when CHECKOUT.

    For further clarification, please CONTACT US.

  • Classes Schedule:

    会计基础 (Elementary Accounting): Commencing on Wed, 2 Aug 23@8:30pm-10pm, 每星期1次课, 总数2个月

    FA2: 财务记录和记账Maintaining Financial Records : Commencing on Thu, 7 Sep 23 @8:30pm-10pm, 每星期1次课, 总数4个月

    MA2: 成本管理和财务Managing Cost and Finance : Commencing on Tue, 14 Nov 23 @8:30pm-10pm, 每星期1次课, 总数4个月

    BT/ FBT: 商业与技术Business and Technology : Commencing on Mon, 29 May 23 @8:30-10pm, 每星期1次课, 总数4个月 

    FA/ FFA: 财务会计Financial Accounting : Commencing on Fri, 11 Aug23 @8:30pm-10pm, 每星期1次课, 总数4个月

    MA / FMA: 管理会计 Management Accounting : Commencing on Tue, 24 Sep 23 @8:30-10pm, 每星期1次课, 总数4个月


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