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商业统计3级 LCCI Level 3 Business Statistics

商业统计3级 LCCI Level 3 Business Statistics

课程大纲Course Contents:

  1. Management Information: The External and Internal Business Environment

1.1 Data collection

1.2 Descriptive statistics

2. Business Planning Models

2.1 Correlation and regression

2.2 Time-based data

3. Risk Management and Business Decision Making

3.1 Probability, including the normal distribution

3.2 Estimation and confidence intervals

3.3 Statistical test

3.4 Chi-squared test

4. Quality Assurance and Control

4.1 Quality control

  • Entry Requirement:

    Elementary Bookkeeping or other equivalent qualifications

  • 课程长度 Course Duration:

    3 个月 (3 months)

    每星期一次课 Once per week

  • 语言 Language Media:


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