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会计基础 (Elementary Bookkeeping)

会计基础 (Elementary Bookkeeping)

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Learn accounting like never before. Learn easy and fast!


  • 你会学到 (What you'll learn)

    • 会计等式 (The accounting equation)
    • 记账方法 (The double entry bookkeeping)
    • 采购与销售 (Purchase and Sales)
    • 费用 (Expenses)
    • 计算账目余额 (Balancing acount)
    • 会计试算表 (Trial balance)
    • 损益表 (Income Statement)
    • 资产负债表 (Statement of Financial Positions)
    • 账目分类 (The division of the ledger)
    • 银行交易 (Bank transactions)
    • 折旧 (Depreciation)
    • Accrual and Prepayment
    • The journal and Errors in the Accounts
  • 要求 (Entry Requirement):

    • 无 (NA)
  • 课程长度 (Course Duration):

    7个星期 (7 weeks).

  • 语言 (Language Media):


  • 课程表 Classes Schedule:

    Elementary Bookkeeping: Commencing on Thu, 15 Dec 22 @8:30pm - 10:00pm, 每星期1次课, 总数2个月