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#AskMeAccounting 莱佛士小课堂6月开课啦

#AskMeAccounting is a collection of short videos created by Raffles Online Education (Singapore). It aims to provide explanations on challenging and confusing topics that students encounter while studying LCCI/ACCA.

莱佛士小课堂是新加坡莱佛士线上教育对学员在学习 LCCI/ACCA 的过程中遇到的疑点,难点进行讲解的小视频合集.

Feel free to share any questions or areas of difficulty you have encountered while studying LCCI /ACCA. Perhaps the answers to your questions will be addressed in the upcoming episodes of our classroom series.


Please click the link to ask questions 请点击链接提出问题:

Stay tuned for our upcoming videos and prepare to achieve your academic success like never before!


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